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Beau's 68 Coupe

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I like to take pictures of my cars and what I do to them, so I plan on using this as my build thread. First things first though, I am not a mechanic. I work on my cars for fun and therapy. I screw things up sometimes, so bear with me. If I do something stupid, be gentle.

Here is the car the day I got it:

I bought it from a friend of the family for an amazing price. I bugged the owner for years about it, persistence paid off. He had it restored around 6 years ago, and it was rarely driven after that. It sat for a long time, so it needs some love. The tires would not even try to inflate when air was put to them, there were very weather cracked. New ones were put on immediately so that I could roll this thing around.

The next thing I did was try and start it. I changed the oil, drained the gas tank, and topped off the coolant. I plopped a new battery in, and she started right up. I was amazed. The previous owner had the engine re-built when it was painted, but I was still surprised. I rolled it out and washed it.

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Dave the Pole-Sitter here again.

Haven't been into the new local maaco yet...but still searching GT color. Will check in to maaco in next week...

? Any chance the color might be one of > JEEPs ~ a 'chief blue' ??? (google images)

Haven't been able to acquire a beanstalk Gt at a reasonable price for comparison.

My car keeps begging me for GULF LIVERY....
Finally starting to cool off here in FLA...enough to get things done outdoors.

Any additional help re: color ???

Thanks again,
.........................hd / pole-sitter

PS~ Only took 45 minutes to get on & post this time...if it does, ...till next.
621 - 622 of 622 Posts
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