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been busy - Bob any word on the new t-shirts?

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I have been too busy lately and don't want to miss anything i should be doing to get my shirts.

also - why did i get demoted back to beginner? I was a tire-kicker and felt like i was going to be somebody someday... now it looks like I will always be working my way back up....

i love this site... it is by far the best one on the www... you folks all have really cool cars... classic MUSTANGS are the best!


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I know I'm not Bob,, there is no more info on the new tees yet. He has just taken a kind of 'tally' to get an idea of how many he would have to order. Oh yeah, welcome back!

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If you'll notice the order of progression is newbie, tire kicker, then beginner. One would think it should go newbie, beginner, tire kicker. It does not seam intuitive. Perhaps Bob could change the names or the order. Sports Sprint, Convert. Original C code, now 293 ci with Holley 450 and 295,000 miles
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Do we really want it to make sense?

I like the quirkiness!
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I think the order makes sense:

Get interested in the hobby=NEWBIE.
Start looking at cars=TIRE-KICKER.
Buy a car and BEGIN the fun=BEGINNER.
And so on and so on............

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Yeah, thats right...Convertible!!
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