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been out of the loop, which heads are out there...

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After several massive setbacks, the motor on the 66 hipo is finally getting built. one of two things will happen,

a. the K 289 will be good for a rebuild and be built to spin an easy 7K

b. the 289 is trashed and a 331 will go in its place.. again built to spin 7K or so.

last I heard, AFR had the hot ticket in town on performance heads, has anything changed much in that arena in th last year or so...

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Not much has changed in a year, AFR is still one of the best (not the cheapest) heads around.
Trick Flows are reasonably priced. Mine are the Standard heads port matched to my intake. My motor will spin to 7k. These guys have 'em for about $1000. You'll need the right length pushrods to avoid valve guide wear.
AFR's all the way, spend the extra money, they are worth the money based on the flow numbers I've seen Box stock, if your spending $1000, whats another $200-300, especially if you are going over 7,000, the more flow the better.
thanks to all... looks like AFR 185s... now we just need a cam...??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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