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I have a new ATK '86 crate 302 with a T5 (from MDL), using the original bell housing. New King Cobra clutch, flywheel and throw out bearing. All 50oz. Only done around 1k miles. since install.
I recently noticed a vibration feeling in the engine which can be felt slightly on the air filter and dist cap. When at idle the gear stick vibrates and I can slightly feel it going through the car.
On closer inspection I listened under the car and heard a noise from the bell housing area. When I put my hand on the bell housing I could feel that vibration a lot stronger.
The noise is hard to describe, but like a grinding noise. No particular pattern to the noise, but just like something is being rotated and ground around.
On the install I adjusted to have a small amount of play on the clutch arm to bell housing (still use Zbar) and the clutch assembly seems to work fine. - if not a little stiff which I put down to the King Cobra.
Tonight I removed the starter and looked inside - could see nothing which looked out of place.
Is this something which anyone else has experienced? Can anyone share some tips on how to diagnose the issue?
Can a throwO-ot bearing could this issue? I thought as there was play in the clutch, the throw-out bearing wasn't even engaged and so impossible to make the noise?? :shrug:
Help required.
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