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What's the best book for determining what finishes should be on various under-hood components? Some PO painted everything black and silver. My car has the "Sports Sprint" option but all the special chrome parts are gone.



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Don't believe there is such a book. Mustangs came in too many variations and models to write a complete book coverign everything though its been discussed a few times ;)

In general I would suggest in order, MCA Rule book, subscription to Mustang Monthly then run your final choices through this forum. And remember please do not believe everything you see on resotred cars, in print or in pictures. But they are normally a great start

In general terms a Sport Sprint engine is not detailed that much differently that any other engine that year

Everyone is here to help

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I did just as Jeff suggested and got the rule book. It's a good place to start. If you have particular questions, ask. Jeff and Charles always have a reply.

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