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Best Mustang Supplier to Buy Repro Parts from???

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Howdy!!! Well, after buying a few parts from Mustangs Unlimited a few months back... I wasn't very happy with the quality of a few of the parts I recieved. For instance, the lower right dash trim piece's chrome shows through the black paint... and it looks cruddy. I have heard a lot of good things about NPD, but are there any other parts suppliers with high quality repro parts??? THANKS!!!
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I have been happy with California Mustangs so far. Of course, it's only 10 minutes from my house, so I get to see the parts I'm buying. By the way, I sadly had to sell my Ramcharger just two months ago. But then again, now I have a mustang...:)
I doubt there are very many different repro companies out there. Most parts houses get their stuff from the same manufacturer. For your dash pieces have you considered having them re-chromed?
I agree - there are actually very few manufacturers out there. What it boils down to is service. You need to find a retailer that will work with you; one that doesn't have a problem with returns and wants to make things right.

Living near Austin, I deal with Dallas Mustang and have never had a complaint. I of course recommended them to a local friend, and he's had nothing but trouble. Sometimes it's just luck of the draw.

I have heard really good things about NPD, and have had excellent results with them myself. I'd say they're a safe bet.
I can not speak for quality, but if you actually want the parts, do not use AAPD. I ordered a starter solenoid from them in mid May and have still not received it. I was promised the part in 10-14 days when ordered, which has since turned into a a long list of excuses why they can not deliver.
Matt at Ponderosa Mustang. All the parts I have bought off of him I haev been happy with. Fiberglass hood, front fenders, headlight buckets, etc, etc.......
I also recommend Matt at Ponderosa Mustang. I found it was more cost effective (cheaper) to order out of state (I'm in CA) and pay shipping. It is all of the same product and Matt was great to deal with. He delivered on time and all product was as ordered.
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