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Best of the Show 60 and up

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My 69 Grande has come up again as a winner.Today we were at a small Club show and won the best of the Show award for the 60 and up class. The first show I went to I won a set of tires, last weekend got a plack with the Cruisin Classics logo and now this weekend we get another..Hey this is fun.
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Atta Boy! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Winning isn't everything, but it feels good.
It's not often 69/70 coupes get recognition. I had a 70 coupe for years and loved it.
Continue having fun.
It deffinetly makes you feel good.Sort of makes all the work worthwhile...Normally I don't worry about winning but it is a great pickerupper.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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