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Best place to find a windshield?

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Need a new tinted Carlite windshield for my 65 I look for used, buy a repro, or call my local auto glass shop? I'd like the correct logo, what's a reasonable price? Would even take a nice used one with no pits or scratches, but don't wanna ship it and risk breakage. Within 200 miles of St. Louis would be ideal! THANKS!!
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NPD has Carlite. Of course, you should shop locally first. NPD is about $350 as I recollect. I paid $230 last year for LOF glass.
check out this recent post or do a forum search on cheap windshield with the AND operator, and you will get all kinds of info. I have heard good things about Express Glass and Paint in Houma,LA

Also, the parts wanted will help.
There is a guy in Joplin that sells brand new ones for 150. Might be worth a trip. I can get more info if needed. I had a friend pick one up just about a month ago.
Thanks for the tip....give me the guy's contact info, I don't mind used but it's gotta be SUPER pits, scratches or repairs. Tough to find on an original!
I just checked with NPD, and they dont sell the carlite windshields anymore, and if they did, the cost was over a grand apiece.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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