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Best way to fill oil in an installed Top loader ?

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Soon I will be filling up my 4sp Top Loader thru the fill plug on the side of the transmission case. The oil bottle has a spout but looks like there's little clearance in the tunnel to tip the bottle up high enough to squeeze the oil from bottle to fill hole. What the best practice here to minimize oil from dripping on the garage floor?
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Have used several methods over the years.

Fuel line on the bottle spout, with a piece of 3/8 steel tube bent at 135° stuck in the fill hole. Make the fuel line long enough so you can hold the bottle upright out from under the car - very similar to Woodchuck's suggestion, but a one man deal.

StaLube 1 gallon bottle with their pump and the 135° bent tube.

Best method was to fill it on the bench.

Regardless, make sure to use GL-4 spec gear lube and only GL-4, Not "GL4/GL5" multispec, GL-4. NAPA carries the StaLube brand, or you can get it on Amazon.

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