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I am getting ready to mount my Nitrous tank in the trunk, and I will be routing the nitrous line as well. Is it customary to run it down under the car and up the chassis to the engine compartment, or go through the interior, under the door molding area, to get to the engine compartment?

I have the interior out right now, so that is not an issue. I also have just installed a Holley electric fuel pump and ran new steel line up the passenger side, under the car of course, so I could "ti-wrap" the Nitrous line to it as well. Opinions?/

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Ran mine (In a previous life) under the back seat, under the carpet close to the door on the passenger side, behind the kick panel. I drilled a hole behind the kick panel, ran the line behind the splash shield, thru fenderwell, out a hole under the starter relay. Not noticeable inside the car.

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