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Best way to transport a motor?

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Okay, so I haven't gotten a chance to go pick up the 460 that comes with the fastback I just bought (no, I don't think it'll be going in the car)..
I'm really puzzled as to how I'm gonna get this brute home. The motor is currently bolted onto an engine stand, which will make it really tough to lift up w/ a cherry picker and put into the back of a truck.
What do people usually do when you transport motors?
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Take it off the stand and set it into an old tire in the bed of your truck.
This is easy, use your cherry picker, lift the motor and stand so there is no weight on the stand, unbolt the stand, and wheel it the truck. Tie it down on a spare tire or blocks of wood, throw the engine stand in the truck, tow the cherry picker with you, and do the reverse when you get home.

Piece of cake.
Chopped off fence posts work well for "blocking in the engine" in the back of a truck (and then make good wheel chocks later).

With my 289 it was put into the back of my Bronco (Bronco was since put to pasture) with a fork lift. Me and the kids hefted it out of the truck and put it in the garage by hand. Not sure if the weight difference of a 460 will allow that, though /forums/images/icons/wink.gif.
I'm with abadtb2. It's amazing how well an old tire cradles and engine. I've got a 289 sitting in one right now. A couple of short 2 X 4's here and there can help to block any thing that sticks off to the side so it can't roll.
Torquewrench and abadtb2 have the ticket. I have hauled many engines on an old tire in a pickup truck. Most junkyards will donate the old tire. Just don't make a run at the local track on the way home.
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