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Best Wiring/Assembly/Interior Manuals (Jim Osborn?)

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I'm getting ready to pull the engine and detail the engine compartment plus strip the interior on my '67 Fastback and I was wondering what are the best manuals for the job? Some people swear by the Jim Osborn manuals. I need pictures to help me get things back like they should be. If anyone has any of these manuals they would like to part with, I'd be interested. Thanks!!
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Don't know if the JO manuals are the best, but they came in handy a couple times restoring my BOSS.
What they have is the assembly line sequences which are helpful along with many illustrations of the assemblies. OEM part numbers are used with fasteners so it takes some time to understand fastener sizes, although its generally easy to distinguish the size based on the need. Still, you have to improvise somewhat since you don't have the tools the factory workers had. I found them very helpful and recommend them for complete restoration efforts. At $15 each they're not terribly expensive. I bought the body, interior and electrical assembly manuals. Of these, the interior assembly manual was the least useful. A shop manual is the other need to have item. I recommend buying the body assembly manual before you tear the car down, read it and use it as a guide to disassembly and parts identification. Reassembly is a lot easier when you've used the manual to help disassemble and identify parts as you go. Example: the manual says a body screw is S34567-C. On disassembly you find this is a 5/16"x1 inch serrated flanged body screw. If you keep a list then when reassembling you'll know that S34567-C corresponds to this particular part. If you don't keep a list, the number S34567-C becomes meaningless and you have to figure out or guess which fastener is required. Sometimes its obvious and sometimes its not!
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I found them invaluable when I restored my 65...
Use digital camera to document what you need when disassembling.
If you use Osbourne's manuals you will want to get an AMK products guide to helps you deciper the part numbers and finishes of the fasteners used in the manual.
you need both Osborne's and Shoop Manual IMHO to do what you are doing. also get a few hundred white tags and mark fasteners as they come off, store them so you know where they are, video tape if possible and audio record comments as you disassemble - these help alot. you do not . neccessarily need Osbornes Weldment Manual but others are helpful. oops forgot take many photoes - you may think some things are obvious but at reassembly they are not. have fun.
One of my faves is the Classic Motorbooks '64 1/2 - '68 Mustang book. It has a lot of nice full-size photos of various engine compartments. It's definitely helped me out a few times with my engine compartment detailing.
Thank everyone for the help!
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