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Hey guys, just wanted to pass on a little warning regarding american racing, purchased some torque thurts d from Branda performance and one of the wheels was not tapered, thus the lug would not bolt on to the spindle rendering the wheel useless, called Branda and they basically told me it's not their problem to take it up with American, called American cooperate office in Cal. and got the run around about having to send the wheel back first for their examination and they couldn't send out a new wheel till they examined the deformed one, all along my car is on the hoist at the local tire shop with no wheels, contacted American racing here in Canada after waiting a day and a half for their return call, and they said sure we will exchange the wheel but you have to drive here and let us look at the wheel ( one hour drive each way), meanwhile the car is still on the hoist, finally got a replacement wheel with a lot of arguing and pleading, then decided to call co-operate again to complain about the lack of customer service and got this answer "what would you like us to do"--"we make thousands of wheels a day one or two is bound to have problems"-- NOW does that make you all feel safe driving around in American Racing wheels.

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I think your issue is with Tony Branda, American Racing, and Mastercard (if that is how you paid for the product). My experience is, that when dealing with an overly defensive company, going directly to the ownership seems most effective. The customer service person pretty much sets the tone of how receptive they are to fixing the problem, how far they will go for your convenience, and will clearly state company policy. If those things aren't satisfactory, then head right to the top. Don't give them a chance to write you off as simply obnoxious or just angry, be persistent, nice, and patient.

In your case, I would have sent all of the wheels back to Tony Branda and informed Master Card of the reasons for my dissatisfaction and circumstances Tony Branda placed me in. Then I would have purchased a set of Vintage 45's.

Are these the Torque Thrust D II’s, I understand they are a two-piece wheel that is riveted together that may not be as strong, both short term and long term, as a one-piece wheel?

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