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I have had a couple customers/friends get burned recently with a new wave of auction fraud. Typically, it involves a desirable part or vehicle, and as we all do we e-mail the seller and see what it would take to buy the part/vehicle and end the auction early. Most have given a price and some of the transactions are undertaken

Even with names, phone numbers and addresses things start to unravel. One of the guys gave an address of where the drivetrain was located - and when the guy called to confirm the workers at the place didn't know who or what was going on. What's happening is these guys are taking money form a bunch of guys on the same vehicle and skipping town. Then phones are disconnected and 12 guys are waiting for that rare part.

Please - especially on an expensive vehicle - if you're going to drop 10 grand or more on a car - spend $200 and fly out and eyeball the car first! Make sure these guys are for real. Feedback doesn't help - guys can go bad with a nice number of feedbacks!

Leave it to a few to ruin it for the rest.
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