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I posted awhile back that I was looking for a 64.5 radiator support. I was contacted by [email protected] stating that he had one. I will include the email string, but to summarize it, he just grabbed a picture from Google and tried to scam. It was posted in a different forum a year ago. He has not responded to me after I sent the last email. Beware of him.
I will shorten it, to conserve space... The start of the email is at the bottom.

Do you have an explanation of why the same picture you sent me was posted by a verified member who was located in Texas a year ago?

Can't wait to hear the answer.

1964-1/2 Mustang Radiator Support Markings - Ford Mustang Forums

On 3/10/2011 2:02 AM, Eustace Chadwick wrote:
Alright then. Let me know.

On 3/10/11, Brian wrote:
I am going to check with my friend, I should be able to get some information Saturday, he is traveling currently.

On 3/9/2011 8:07 AM, Eustace Chadwick wrote:
I'm in Blackpool UK.

On 3/9/11, Brian wrote:
Can I have your address, I have contacts that may be able to pick-up the support for me.

On Mar 9, 2011, at 2:07 AM, Eustace Chadwick<[email protected]> wrote:
The whole unit is in perfect condition with no dents or rust though I don't any more pictures. Yes price includes shipping and handling. If this is okay, What's your complete shipping address?

Many thanks,

On 3/9/11, Brian wrote:
Is that a shipped price? What is the condition of the whole unit, any damage/rust? Anymore pictures of the rest of the unit? To be honest I am a little cautious of ordering oversees.

On 3/8/2011 2:02 PM, Eustace Chadwick wrote:
Asking 100GBP. Still installed.

On 3/7/11, Brian wrote:
Do you have any other pictures? It is out of the car or still installed? I need to see what the whole support looks like. What are you asking for it shipped?

On 3/6/2011 12:43 PM, Eustace Chadwick wrote:
See attached.

Are you still looking out for parts? Let me know and we can go from there. What's your cell phone# ?

Eustace Chadwick
Blackpool, UK
[email protected]
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