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Hey everybody-
Got the sheet metal back on the car this afternoon including a new stone deflector and lower valence. Take a look at: (Couldn't seem to make the hyperlink work, sorry)

I just got my 66 style Shelby brake scoops and those will go on next. I got a hood from a very rust free California car that is in outstanding condition! I'll be cruising in my freshly restored car in a month or so now! I can't wait. By the way I don't know if I like the stance of the car or not. It has all new suspension including Canadian Mustang 1" drop springs in front and stock height leafs in back. I did this in an effort to give the car a slight rake but I really didn't get that effect. Any ideas as to why? Just wanted to show someone my work. By the way I took the car up and down the street and the T-5 is just awesome!!!! Can't wait to get out on the open road.


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Sounds like a good time, maybe someday my fastback will look like its almost ready to drive. Theres a special feeling that goes with that maiden voyage in a car you built.

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It's great when everything seems to come together isn't it? I've been there, it's better than sex (almost).
My biggest step forward will be finding some roach rice-grinder or something to drive to work, so I can stop driving my Mustang and start tearing it apart. With the exception of the exhaust collector, I have everything to convert my 70 to a Shelby rear end. Good luck with you coupe. Love to see it painted.

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If the coils are brand new, they will take a while to settle to their intended height. I have new springs
front and rear on my 68 convertible and it looked like a 4x4 when they were first installed. The rears
have now lowered to just about stock height (it's been about 6 months) but the fronts are still pretty

Good luck, the car looks good so far.

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