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Billet gas cap

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Purchased a billet gas cap for the Mustang. Surprise, surprise it fits like cr*p. The security cable is too big so there is no way to get it to tighten all the way. When it is "on" it is cockeyed. Has anyone had this? I like the look of the cap but but I don't want have to struggle with it for ten minutes every time I get gas. For $85 I expect more.
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I had a similar issue on my 65...and the little black fake rivets turned rusty in under a month. I have since replaced it with a NOS 71? 72? pop open I bought.
No problem with mine........... I painted the allen head screws on mine match my car ;)

I think the cam piece and seal inside the cap can be rotated so the cap will twist into an upright position. On mine it doesn’t matter because my cap has no emblem :p

If the cable won't lay inside the cap when not installed, then it is too long and I'd send it back for a replacement. If it does lay inside the cap when not installed, then adjusting the cam piece inside the cap should solve your problem.

No matter what you do, there will be at least some fiddling to do when twisting the cap into place because the pin that holds the cable to the cap has to slide over the cable.
I'm returning it. It's too much money for something that is not going to last and is not built right to begin with. Plus, my car is devoid of any bling so it is not something I really need. Now as to where to spend that $85....
Ditto on my '70.
I really liked the way it looked (and actually, that one fit fine), but within two weeks, one of the rivets had already started rusting/fading in colour.
I took it back to Cal Mustang, and was told they couldn't replace it for me, it had to be returned to the manufacturer for replacement!!! Needless to say, that didn't fly well, since I'd be without a gas cap for XXX amount of time, besides the obvious B.S. factor. We finally agreed to go with a different variety (black anodized with silver rivets) instead, which they were kind enough to give me on the spot... :/
Unfortunately, this one doesn't fit as well as the first - same prob as above with long cable, and not lining up right.
I first tried - and really liked - a '71-'73 pop-top which looked awesome, but didn't fit flush like it should, and got in the way of using the key on the trunk.
I love my new gascap :)

I think it looks better on the car than the old Billet one ever did

And for good measure...the original

I'm sure a pic whore
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dodgestang said:
I'm sure a pic whore
And that is why we like you so much!
dodgestang said:
I love my new gascap :)

Yeah, I'd have to agree with you.
You have way more room between the cap and your trunk lock than I do; unfortunately, I had to open the pop-top every time I used the trunk, and even then it was a tight turn for the key! :/
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