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Birth Announcement - There's a Pony in my garage!!

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At 3:00 p.m. pst March 13, 2001, I became the proud owner of a 1967 Coupe, 302 v8, AT with hurst shifter, drum brakes, PS, holley carb, edelbrock manifolds, racing wheels wider in back, metallic blue, very nice interior with the overhead console/map lights. My very first Mustang!!


I haven't had this much fun in a long time. Feel like a kid again at the ripe old age of 38. You'll be happy to know that I even let HWMOM (thanks sally67) drive it. . . once.

Whew!! So, now what? (besides totally enjoying it) *G*

Any suggestions for a signature line besides a picture when I get one?

Thanks to all who helped me on my journey.


[color:red]Just another wrench-turner</font color=red>
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When do we get to see a picture of the new member of your family? I'm sure everybody want's a chance to ohhh and awwww.



Love hard, drive fast, wear your seat belt.

PS, that's my 'bird...... My Mustang is too ugly to take pictures of yet........*G*.
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Congrats! Just DRIVE it! Baby wants to RUN! You'll never get enough. And if you see a '78 Red Ford Futura putting along, have pity - at least the driver's other car is a Mustang! LOL. I'll wave as you go by.

Enjoy your 'Stang. There's no car like it.

If you like to join a club, try the Tri-County Mustang Club. They meet at 7:00pm 4th wednesday of the Month at Marie Calendars on Victoria Blvd, Ventura - at least they did two years ago. Check the local Star Free Press on Saturday in the Wheels section under clubs and events for a POC and Phone number.

Dean T

( I seem to recalled '67's valve covers say "Powered by Ford" wonder if you can work that in with your occupation for a sig...)

Shikatta Ga Nai - "It cannot be helped"
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Wow. Congrats!!!!!! Can't wait to see some pics of the new philly....

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Congratulations. Now the fun can begin.
WARNING: Mustang ownership is addicting.

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Congrats on the new pony. If you are going to race this baby, I suggest a set of sub frame connectors as you forst add-on.

John L. Anschutz
Allen, TX
68 Diamond Blue Coupe - 302
68 Acapulco Blue Coupe - I6 - 200
The power plant connection might work ok . . . if this place was actually running right now. Blew up our modified 747 jet engine in the third week of Feb. - put in a rental engine in 34 hours, then we shut down March 1 because SCE hasn't paid us for power since October so we can't buy gas. . . I can keep going but it just pisses me off. *G* Good idea though.

BTW - what does a ford futura look like? I'll be sure to wave.


[color:red]Just another wrench-turner</font color=red>
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congratulations Pam! i know exactly how you feel. when my son and i restored his 65 coupe , i found my 65 conv that i adopted while looking for parts for his. those sweet little lines said please take me home(who cares about money) and i did.....

yep - true happiness is having a classic mustang in your corral....

65 pony from ground up, inline 6 (son's car),
66 Red Convertible, 289(dad's car)
No pun intented? Last name really is Corral!

Now that may be a good idea, too!

Pam Corral

[color:red]Just another wrench-turner</font color=red>
[color:blue]1967 Coupe, v8 302 - Hers</font color=blue>
[color:purple]1990 Nissan Pathfinder - His</font color=purple>
Congrats Pam. You sound like me when I got my 1st Stang a few years ago (on my 40th B'day!)

If you don't have one yet, consider getting a digital camera. As you ask questions and show off your progress on this new forum, pics come in real handy! I know I'm having fun with my camera:

66 Coupe, check her out at

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education" - Albert Einstein
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I know how you feel - I bought mine in November (at the ripe old age of 37 - do I see a pattern here) but, sadly, it was already time to put it to bed for the winter. Now the temps here are pushing 50. As soon as that nasty salt sh%$ is off the roads, she comes off the jacks and VROOOOOM.

PS - is this the one with the electrical challenge?
I'm with ya girl! Got mine at Christmas and still haven't had it on the road. She's goin in for paint this weekend, YEAH! Can't wait to test it out. Anyway, Congrats!

Is this a mid-life kinda thing, we're all thirty something when we get our first poni.

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Congrats! There nothing like bringing her home!!

"When you hear pounding hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras." - Dr. Harold Slavkin, Dean USCSD
Negative, no electric challenges on this one, yet. Give me some time, I'll find something to start asking questions about.

This pony won't be in the garage all of the time - just when I'm not driving her!!


[color:red]Just another wrench-turner</font color=red>
[color:blue]1967 Coupe, v8 302 - Hers</font color=blue>
[color:purple]1990 Nissan Pathfinder - His</font color=purple>
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