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I don't remember this many black interiors being sold back in the earlier 70's. I am wrong? Was it the only interior out there for repo at one time, or am I just odd in not liking black interiors. To me, it seems that Ford or someone had all these black interior siting around to get rid of. True they dirt does not stick out in them, but they just don't apply to me. I have look a what seems to be a great many 71-73 cars for sale, and I think most were retro-fitted in black (once again I just don't remember this much black). I first started looking for interiors for my grande about five years ago, and then it seemed (in the limited, non- internet relm, environment, that I was in at the time) everyone wanted to sale me black. May be its mean look'in I don't know, but I like color.
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