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I just finished installing a dual master cylinder and associated distribution block on my 65. I bench bled the master cylinder. My question is whether the braking system will automatically get rid of the small amount sir that got into the lines, or di I need to bleed the system from the brakes as well? In other words will the air rise to the top of the system? If i do need to bleed from the brakes, how do you do it? (All drum).

Thanks in advance.

John harvey

The residual air in the brake lines will not "percolate" to the top of the system. This is why you need to bleed the brakes at each wheel cylinder after you have the entire sytem installed. The air which is in the respective lines will exit after you open the valve at the various wheel cylinders.

Remember to do in this order:

1) RH Rear
2) LH Rear
3) RH Front
4) LH Front

Basically, you are working the longest running line from the MC first and each shorter section next.
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