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block casting numbers

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I found an engine block, casting numbers D0ZE-6015-A
Is it a Boss block? My book only states ...-B as 70's Boss blocks.
Thanks for your help.

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Tom Monroe lists the 70 Boss 302 as a D0ZE-A casting # in his rebuilding SB Ford Engines.Could be an interesting find!

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It should be easy to tell, does it have four bolt mains? Also I believe the boss blocks had screw in freeze plugs.

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In the "Boss & Cobra Jet Mustangs" book by Dr. John Craft, p. 124, it lists the block # as C8FR, C9ZE, DOZE-B. (D1ZE-B service block). In the "Ford High Performance Parts Identifier" by Robert Winkelman, p. 46, it list the block # as C9ZE & D1ZE-B for '69 and DOZE-A, -B for '70.

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