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Hi Guys,

Don't know how I overlooked this but at least I did before ordering a I have a HO or Non HO block??

Here's the deal, The P.O. told me he had an early 90's 302 installed from an Explorer (could of been an Expedition--he couldn't remember, paid someone to do it). Anyway, a little research tells me that the 5.0 didn't go into those trucks until '96. If so that would make it an HO block I think. I know the firing order is different for each block but is there another way to tell them apart--casting numbers/acc. mounts, ect? Obvisouly, I need to know wether to order a hyd roller or a flat tappet cam. Any help?? I guess I always had it in my mind that it was an HO block. I want to have the cam when I tear it down so waiting to pull the intake and lifters is not an option.


After some more looking.....I'm hearing that all 302's after 1986 came equiped with the roller cam--both HO and NON HO models. Anyone concur??
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