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I have a late production (Aug) 65 FB with a blower motor that runs on high until the fuse blows. Heres a break down...
3 wire motor red, orange & blk going to firewall grd.
4 position switch.
Heater box has resistor.
With all wires disconnected from resistor.
Blower runs full until fuse goes.
12v at Brn wire.
With wires connected to resistor.
No pwr at brn wire with switch full left, pwr when switch moved.
Disconnect blk motor wire from firewall.
Motor does not operate.
So it seems the motor is bypassing the switch somehow apparantly using the black wire as ground?
Which motor wires (orange, red) go to which harness wires (yel, brn)? I replaced the resistor and switch.
Maybe the PO put in a 66 motor? and I should have a 2 wire type?

Little help over here plz

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Sounds like you have a grab bag full of mixed up parts. The 3 wire motor doesn't use the resistor pack. The speeds of the motor are controlled by wich wire gets power.

On the 2 wire motors, the resistor pack is used to drop the voltage to the motor to control the speed.

If you have the wiring for the resistor pack, you should have the later style 2 wire motor. My '66 has a 2 wire motor, my son's early '65 has a 3 wire.
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