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Blue smoke when running hot

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Hey Guys and Girls,

Just recently it seems like I have blue smoke coming from my exhaust. It only happens when I'm running a little on the hot side and only when I floor it from a standing start or low speed. I might have overfilled it with oil as I can't seem to get a accurate reading on the dipstick. It always seems a little low on oil regadless of how much I put in. Is it time for a rebuild or would overfilling with oil cause it to smoke ?
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Over filling the crankcase can definately make it smoke. It will let the crank whip the oil up onto the cylinder walls more than normal. Oil thins when it gets hot, letting it get past the rinds easier.

Change the oil. Put in the proper amount of oil and run for a few minutes. Check the oil level and make a new mark on the dip stick if it's not where it's supposed to be.
Thanks, I'll try it this weekend.
Also, check your PCV valve. A couple of guys at CornFeed 2 had the same problem - turned out to be the PCV valve in both cases.......
make sure you have correct dipstick
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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