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Trhat's what I'm going to nick name my 'stang! Just got the
carb rebuilt man what a difference!Even found out my trans
has a shift kit.Wanted to do a compression test,but my
mechanic said it wasn't necessary.This bad boy was frying
tires w/o hardly trying.He also said that $1800 I paid for it
was well worth the money couldn't go wrong. Now that's
what I like to hear.

"I feel the need..The need for speed"
"Gotta Go,... Gotta Go"
" Think long,Think Wrong!"

'68 Acapulco Blue 289 Coupe
'91 Ford Escort GT
'91 Ford Escort LX 5dr (Wife's)

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Nice nickname, I know the feeling when you car is finally tuned up right. I went through my back tires in about a week when I got the timing and carb set right.
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