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Trying to keep up with technology I bought a set of Fel Pro space age
never leak re-usable forever anti crush valve cover gaskets. I plopped down
35 bucks without a blink, I have read about them.... They are bright blue.
they glow like the moon. They look so bad between my aluminum valve covers
and black cyl. heads (every thing on the motor being black or aluminum) I
took them back... why don't they make 65 plastic (black) gaskets?
{forgive my rant}

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You could just shoot a coat of black paint on them. I can't really see my gaskets. I have M/T finned covers.

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Yo Jimbo,
I just picked up a set of the Ford metal core gaskets. They
have a bonded o-ring to seal. I haven't used these before,
but hear they work very good. Aldridge has them in stock
for 23.00 or so. I had to do a little file work on those vc
I got from you. Just around those cork holding tabs on the
inside. Check it out.

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