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Bluetooth amp into 1965 Mustang radio

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Hi guys,
I’ve recently purchased a bluetooth amp (ZK-502C). I’ve installed it into a vintage Falcon with radio-delete using the choke cable location and a modified headlight switch chassis.
It’s completely invisible and it works brilliantly! Use the original choke knob as volume control and it’s great, see attached pics 1-2. Had to drill & tap into the potentiometer shaft and screw the knob shaft into it through the bezel.
21000×750 236 KB

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I also have 2 other vintage cars, both with original radios (non-working). Have tested the volume potentiometers in both and they seem to work fine, see attached pics 3 & 4. Both old radios are case-ground units and the white wire from potentiometer is volume control.
41000×749 348 KB

51000×750 331 KB

I want to keep these looking absolutely original, but add the ZK-502C to both in hidden fashion.
Rather than gut the radios to fit the amp, I’d like to just use the existing volume control pot to control the BT amp.
Can you offer any advice on the simplest way to do this?
Think the Blue-Red wire into radio is power, the black is earth and the white is the “wiper” for the volume control. (see pic 5).
61000×723 177 KB

I think this gives me the 3 wires for potentiometer??
Can I use these to bypass the potentiometer in the ZK-502C? or is there another equivalent bluetooth amp that will give similar output in similar sized package but allow me to wire in the volume-pot as described?
Does this make sense?
Is it a workable solution?
Do you have a better suggestion?
I would really appreciate your input on this, as I really love the result with the ZK-502c already in my radio-delete car.
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I would just set the original BT volume knob to the max I will use, when the phone is at max volume. Then just use the phone to control volume from that to lower levels. Most can work that way, but test your BT unit for similar function before installation.

If you'd rather use the radio volume knob, I would test the un-powered radio with an ohm meter for correct pins to use for the radio knob. The correct 3 pins will each test with resistance to each other, with one pin (signal) having variable resistance to the (+) and (-) pins, which will have fixed resistance to each other. Do the same for the BT pot, noting which pins are high, low and signal (knob in same relative position) to match them up. De-solder the existing wires, and solder your jumper wires from the identified radio knob pins to the matching BT volume connections.

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Thanks for the replies.
To be clear, I do not want to use phone to control volume as it's both a pain in the *** while driving and it's illegal here in Australia.
Tried out the use of the BT amp on the Falcon shown above as it's kind of my experimental test piece in many ways...
Definately want to use the original 65 Mustang radio, and control volume through the original knob. I'm ok with song selection etc on the phone as I usually just run a spotify playlist that I know I like all the songs :)
Seems W427 suggestion is pretty much in line with what I was thinking would work. Will try that and post results.
Now to find a BT amp with slots for pot, or I guess just get another the same and de-solder....
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