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Bob: a thought on the old forum ...

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Bob, as has been discussed, the old forum will be frozen and retained for reference. I'm concerned with all the garbage that's gone up there over the last week or 2. There's still a number of loyal VMFers who haven't made it to the new forum yet (8LBGR8 just showed up today!), and that's no kind of greeting for them! Also, as we refer back to the old forum for info, it would be nice if the most recent pages were cleaner.

Question, before the board is frozen would it be possible for you to delete out the garbage?

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Yeah, just freeze the board and put a link to the new forum in. It's pretty sad to see it the way it is.

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I posted on the old forum under another name that I could not get on here. A lot of the nonsense and junk is from people simply trying to get 1000 posts or some other silly goal. What difference does it make?

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Bob's out of town right now, so you may want to consider reposting this in a few days or dropping into the chat room, he drops by in the evenings every once in a while. FYI


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I agree. I stopped by the old forum last night and what a sad state of affairs it's turned into.....

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It ain't a silly goal when you have been on the old forum 4 years and tried to offer your experiences with others, vs just chit-chat.I agree the garbage going on over there now is getting out of hand, but I think those responsible know who they are and their jokes keep this place alive at times, but they are pushing it to an extreme, me I am happy I reached 1000, even.

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