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If someone like me who knows very little wanted to install a kill switch on the ignition. If I trace the ignition wire to the coil and add a switch there.

Here's the question.

Are more of you putting switches in the interior of the car, or outside. I know giving the location of the switch defeats the purpose. But I was wondering what hints I might get. I don't want to put this somewhere it will be expected? But I want to make it easy on me to throw it also.



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I have a switch in the cigarette lighter. Pull out the lighter
flip the switch and no go. I hooked that one to the 12V pos.
in side of the ignition. Take out the cig. housing, take the
guts out of the back and install a switch and wire it up.
I have a switch in the glove box, that one goes to the neg.
side of the ignition.
I have the dimmer switch rigged up so it either turns on the
fuel pump or the oil light in the dash. A toggle switch does the
dimmer under the dash. If the oil light is on, then the fuel pump
isn't. Anything you can do to slow down a thief, short of a tow
truck. They would have a hard time getting my car.
You guy's atleast would enjoy it, and not cut it up!!!!
I put a simple switch under the dash of my sisters '65
to ground the neg. side of the coil. She likes the fact
that there is something that the thief has to work on
before he/she gets to drive her car.

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Unless you have an electric fuel pump or trunk mounted battery, kill switches, IMHO, are completely useless. Any 2 bit theif knows that to start a Ford, all you have to do is jumper a wire from the + battery post to either the "I" post of the selonoid or the + side of the coil. Then a quick touch of another jumper wire from the + battery post to the "S" post starts it, and you drive it away. They're not going to even know there is a kill switch that's suppossed to stop them until they have it safe in their own garage. Hot wiring a Ford under the hood is far faster than anything you can do inside the car. Theives know this ( they even showed it in Gone in 60 Seconds).

I've said it a million times on this forum, but don't mind saying it again ... kill switches on anything other than an electric fuel pump or trunk mounted battery are a complete waist of time.

Now if the fuel pump can't pump, or you can't get at the + side of the battery the theif now has a problem.

I do like opentraker's idea of grounding the coil, though.

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Johnpro's got a good point there. If you can get under the hood, you can start an old Ford PDQ. I use a little combination cable bike lock on my hood and use one of those steering-wheel-to-brake locks. Obviously, if a Nick Cage-type wants your car, they're gonna get it, but most thieves are not professionals and anything that would make it challenging is gonna discourage them.

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