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Bolt on Exhaust Kit?

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Is there any type of direct bolt on kit out there that I can use to switch my single exhaust 67 coupe (289) to a dual exhaust set up. Probably will buy the tri-y headers too. I'd rather not have to go through the expense of having any custom parts made/fitted by an exhaust shop...
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I installed a "bolt on" exhaust on my 66 coupe a few years ago. It was a real PITA job ! I was lucky because we have a lift at my work but it still took me 3 long evenings before I was satisfied. The biggest problem was the H-pipe hanging to low. It was hanging only 3 inches from the road. After lots of bending, fitting and re-fitting, pain in my back, bleeding knuckles, and a big wound on top of my head (it came in contact with the lift while picking up a wrench) the job was finally done.
Would I do it again : NO NO NO !!
I hate to send my car to any shop for any reason if i can help it. I like to do almost everything myself. One exception is exhaust work. I've found a local guy who does good work and doesn't charge too awful much. He can make up a GOOD dual exhaust system from scratch for about $120-not including mufflers.
I did the bolt-on stuff years ago. It was a pain to put on and something was always loosening up/ leaking/ rubbing. I think paying a pro is money well spent. If you choose to try it yourself, NPD (and others) has every single piece of exhaust you need.
Keep in mind that if one single piece doesn't fit right you'll about kill yourself trying to make it fit. Whereas the shop guy will just step over to the pipe bender for a second and then go slap the pipe on. You might inquire about what they would charge to install a kit for you versus just making one.
My 67 has such an exhaust system. It wasn't exactly a kit since each p/n had to be scrounged up, but I've since seen the complete set-ups in the NPD catalog.
Where can I get their catalog.

I have been buying my parts from CalMustang and looking for other alternatives.

One of these days I will need to stop by Mustang Ranch in Santa Clara and see what they have. Unfortunately thier web site is out of commission.
National Parts Depot which has a website at
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