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Bolts etc...

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I'm getting ready to re-assemble my car, but I don't want to put the old rusty bolts/fasteners back on my car since I've repainted the whole suspension, etc.. I'm looking at the option of blasting the bolts/fasteners and then using the black oxide kit from eastwood, or ordering new stuff. Has anyone used the oxide kit? Where would the best source be for fasteners/bolt kits?

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I clean all my bolts with a wire wheel. Then I used Eastwoods blacking kit, most came out great. The bad ones I through away. Since I have parted several stangs, I have plenty to make up for those I throw away. I also have bought some from AMK.
About how many bolts will the blackening kit be good for? I'm curious since it's $40. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
I have donesdevral hundred and it still is good.
I bought an engine bolt kit off the forbidden auction site, then bought extra stainless steel bolts at my local hardware store. I love the look of the stainless steel bolts, but, they are kind of pricey....
i would advise buying a complete hdwr kit - probaably from Mustang vendor or AMK if they seellwhole kit. i sand blasted mine and clearcoat most of them - just finished 2 hrs of doing fender hdwr and differential bolts. if i do not like looks of them after i can always swap out ones that can be seen. all strength dependent bolts are new such as my total suspensin, handlling, and steering kit from Can. Mustang. lot a work cleaning and painting indivdual nuts and bolts. did not try Eastwoods tratment.
an AMK kit from Virginia Classis Mustang for '65 thru '68 is $199. and includes packaged/labeled hardware. ph no. (540)-896-2695 or
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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