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Ok guys, hard to explain, but I need any info at all on T85, T86, T87, T89, or T98 transmissions manufactured by Borg Warner in the 60's as possible. Anything. I have no clue other they are 3 spd manuals and the T98 is a 4 speed manual. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out if one of them may have had a bolt pattern similar to the one on the front of the 3.03 tranny. Also, I've got a source saying that a Tremmec 3 spd manual was available for this application ('64 Econoline with a 170 I6). What I'm trying to do is get a bellhousing with the 3.03 Ford 3 speed patten to bolt to the 5 bolt pattern 200/170/144 engine block. This will allow the use of a T5 behind it with the standard V8 swap pieces. All the pre-66 Falcons came with the 2.77 or Dagenham. Unfortunately, the 2.77 tranny does not match the 3.03's pattern and the Dagenham is a whole nother world of English parts. However, the '61 and up Econolines had heavier duty BW trannies available. It is my belief that there are a few bellhousings floating around the junkyards of the country that will allow the early 4 main 200 to use a T5 via the common adapter plate. Any questions? Casting numbers, codes, pictures, websites, personal referrences, anything??? Thanks


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Sorry but I am not positive what you are asking.

If you have a 5 bolt engine and want to use the later bellhousing you are SOL. You just can't get there from here. It seems to me the only way to achieve what you are asking is to switch motors at the same time in order to get a 6 bolt block.

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We understand that there is a difference between the pre-66 and 66 and later 200 blocks. However, we are looking at the truck applications for the pre-66 144, 170, and 200's. They had different bell housing and transmissions than the Falcon and Mustang did. Were attempting to find out if any of these trans had the toploader pattern. The biggest set back to the small-bell pre-66 is the Dag bolt pattern and small flywheel. The '66 and later had the 9" flywheel, and the '67 and later had the toploader bolt pattern. We are finding that the Econoline's made pre-66 may have had 9" flywheels, and we want to know more about the setups.

Does this info help?


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