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boss 302 question

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Can anyone tell me if this part is unique to a Boss 302?I call it a flywheel cover..It is the plate that goes behind the flywheel and between the block and bellhousing.If it isnt unique to the Boss 302 what years will be correct.The part # is D0AZ-7007A
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For lack of a better term I call it a "motor plate".

I'm not sure,... but I think it is unique, almost everything else is on that car! maybe Bossman knows.
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The D0AZ-7007-A plate is typical for applications from 65-73 and beyond, including 68-73 Mustangs with 302 and 351's using the 164 tooth flywheel.

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Scott is absoutely right. In fact, all 3/4 speed trans combos should have a similar plate, even the late model 5-speeds. By the way, are you selling that plate? I have a C5AA bellhousing in need of a plate. Let me know!!!

Thanks for the info guys.Its my understanding even the plate off of a 6 cylinder car will work.My buddy at Ford tells me the original part # is D0AZ-7007A wich means this part was made in 1970.Is there any difference in appearance between this cover and any cover that (will work)?I have located several in salvage yards and want to be sure it looks correct.If you need a plate I would be happy to pick one up and ship it to you.I was quoted $15-25 on the part.Thanks,Jim
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