One of my best friends is in the last days of cancer and asked me to get rid of a lot of his Mustang stuff. He has a 69 0r 70 Boss 302 block, crank, cam and rods that he bought from Kenmore Ford as a short block. They've been sitting in his shop all these years and now have surface rust on the journals and bores. These parts are new never run. I will get casting numbers and build date codes off the block and crank in the next few days. If anyone is interested let me know. Price will be determined after doing some research. I'm new to this forum so not familiar with how to contact someone etc. You can call me at 716-881-6273.
Also, I'm a Chevy guy so not familiar too much with Ford stuff other than what my friend tells me.
When I get casting numbers, I'll also post some pictures.