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Boss painted

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Check this out guys. After 16 months of body prep and engine and front end rebuilding by 70 Boss 302 was ready for paint. Decided to go basecoat/clear. Since it's a sold color (grabber yellow) I painted it disassembled. I first bought 1& 1/2 gallons of paint and did the inside and under the hood and fenders and on top of the hood and trunk. Looked like I was not going to have enough paint left so I bought 1/2 gal more and mixed it with what I had left. I painted the rest of the Boss. One of the best paint jobs I ever did, smooth as glass but here's the catcher. I reassemble the car and the colors don't match. In the sun the hood is a beautiful grabber yellow and the rest of the car looks like a not quite ripe banana. Really looks like CRAP. I've decided to re-paint but I haven't talked to the paint store. Don't know quite what to say. I don't feel it was my fault but I should have known better than to mix paint. $400 down the drain plus all the prep work again.
What do you guys suggest? Hopefully someone can learn from this.
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In my opinion it is somewhat the mixers fault.The scales they use to mix the paint can tell the difference in two drops of tinter. On the other hand in my experince I too don't use two different mix batches. There are just too many other varyables ,coverage,air presure,humidity,temperature and how heavy a guy lays it on. So a guy doesn't need to have to think about batch mixes to. I've even painted another part a day later using the same can of paint and had a mismatch.You have got to hold your face just right and pray [ a bunch] Good Luck and have FUN
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