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Bought the AOD!

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Move over C-4 hello AOD.
I think I got a good deal for only $50.
Put in a $150 - 200 rebuild kit, get the conversion pieces I need and I 'll be set. Course now to decide about aluminum driveshaft or shorten stock, and what gears I want to go to.
Life always has it's little battles :)

66 coupe, bench, 289 2v, dual exhaust, C4, A/C, Clearwater Aqua,
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Good for you. I can't bring myself to do an auto tranny. That's one of the few items I leave for "experts". Tell us how it goes!


'66 Springtime Yellow Coupe
289, slightly warmed over
driven daily
Which AOD did you get? I'm interested in doing the switch, but it'll have to wait for a while.

Maybe another Question for anyone, What are some of the better choices as far as the AOD, if you was to look for one at the wrecking yard?


[color:red]VMF Exchange Board</font color=red>
[color:blue]My Mustang is Camera Shy</font color=blue>/forums/images/icons/blush.gif (sp?) has a tech page with lots of info. They tell you exactly the differences between AODs and which vehicles you should look for.

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Bought an AOD from a 90 GT.
Will be rebuilding it with the TCI pro super kit from Jegs.
then track down all the conversion pieces I need.
With vacation coming up it'll be May before I get it in.

66 coupe, bench, 289 2v, dual exhaust, C4, A/C, Clearwater Aqua,
Great project Drew. I am very interested in how this turns out for you. Please keep us posted.


'65 Convertible (with many mods.)
National PArts Depot now has everything you need to do the swap...especially the TV cable. Dont forget that, or your new AOD won't last to the end of the block.

Dad and I are both wanting to do the exact thing your doing.
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