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Brake Advice Needed

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I have just completed a complete front end and brake rebuild on my 66 fastback. Today was the first time out after 2 months of work, and the brakes don't feel as good as they should (like they have some air).

Here is what I did:
1. Completly rebuilt the back brakes, all new parts.
2. Replaced front drum brakes with Granada disk brakes, new rotors and callipers, hoses, etc.
3. All of the brake lines (Steel & rubber ones) were replaced.
4. New dual MC (Manual Disk/drum) from a Mavrick installed. Large resivoir to front brakes, small one to the back.
5. Installed a Wildwood proportioning valve to the rear brakes.
6. Used the orginal distribution block only for the front brakes.
7. I bench bleed the MC, and have bleed the system a number of times now.

However, after all of this, it still feels like it has some air or ? in the system. The car stops straight, but just not as good as it should. I have not been able to lock up the brakes to find where I should adjust the proportioning valve too. What settings have worked for others ?

Any thoughts on what else to check to get the brakes like they should be? TIA...
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If you have no leaks the first think I would check is the compatibility of the Mavrick M/C with the calipers you are using. Mavrick M/C may have too small of bore (less fluid displaced per travel of Brake pedal. Mavrick caliper/ wheel cylinders may have been smaller in fluid capacity allowing the use of a smaller bore M/C. This would equate to spongy brakes and increased stopping distance due to not supplying enough pressure to calipers/Wheel cylinders. You may want to check your parts compatibility.

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Are you sure the calipers are on the correct side ?? On many applications calipers will bolt on to the wrong side. The problem is the bleeder is low rather than high and air remains trapped above the bleeder and cannot be removed. Worth checking.

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I've got a website that's got that mod to it... I did the same to my 65 last year, except I left out the rear proportioning valve... just used the Granada distribution block.

the reversed calipers could be you have to have the lines entering the calipers at the top and not the bottom. You might try opening the proportioning valve all the way up.
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