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brake lights

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does anyone know where to get a digital or led brake light conversion kit for a 65. have a burnt out bulb so i was think a 1157 bulb was the ticket turns out these have a prong plugin cant find any bulbs at the auto parts store that fit whats up with this style of bulb??
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Mustang Project has conversion kits. I just installed their's on my 69 and its probably the best $110 I've spent on the car. The lights fill up the tri-bars and positively bathe the cars behind me in brilliant red light. I was lighting up road signs a couple hundred yards behind me when I tested it on the Delaware shore last week :)

You can buy an 1157 replacement LED bulb from I am using their 24 bulb amber on the front turn indicators (they have the best price $6.99 per bulb). I also used a 6" LED bar from as a 3d brake light, mounted on the windscreen crossbar at the top, between the sunshades, with wiring concealed. This is for top down driving only but it also is VERY visible.
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