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I recently upgraded my 65's single piston master cylinder and the distribution block with a 68 master cylinder and a 69 distribuiton block (stayed with four drum brake setup). The brakes stop the car just fine, pedal effort is quite similar to what it was before, but the pedal travel before the brakes engage is noticable longer. The system is consistent, the brakes engage at the same point of travel all the time. Pumping the brakes (I thought maybe the system had not been bled completely) makes no difference, the pedal still engages at the same spot. The pedal stays hard if you push hard, there is no slow drop, or loss of pressure. I reused the 65 push rod, as I had been told the 68 was the incorrect length for the 65 pedal. Is this (longer travel) to be expected with a dual system, or have I missed something? Any suggestions welcome.


John Harvey
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