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For those of you rebuilding front drum brakes, the spring kits you buy from the
catalogs or parts stores all come without the long spring that runs between
the tops of the shoes (just under the slave cylinder).

Here's info on where to find it. Thanks to Matt Richmond who found the part
number last year (and posted it in the old forum), and to Torquewrench, who's
original question prompted Matt's response. I'm reposting the info here so
it'll be here for future generations:

Shoe retraction assist spring
Ford Part # C2OZ-2035D

Wesley Obsolete, Liberty KY 606-787-5293 ($7 each, NOS)
Green Auto Sales, Cincinnatti OH 800-543-4959 sales 513-731-3304 research (none in stock)
Southside Obsolete, Minneapolis MN 612-866-1230 (may be out of business)

Some people here have run without those springs without problems, and others
have said they are not needed. Personally, I figure if it came on the car, it should
go back on the car.

Torquewrench's post:

Matt's original post::

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Thanks for the info. I have looked everywhere for that spring and taken it to several shops. I will call to see if I can get 2. I must have missed those previous posts.

I have a service manual, one of them being a Ford, and one picture shows it, another doesn't.

Mine are still functional, but they are badly worn and almost cut in places where they rubbed for years.

Thanks again,

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