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Hey Guy,

Im looking for a good brake shop in the Bay Area. I got a '69 Mach1 and lost the brakes after 700mi on the rebuilt engine. The brakes went out after I got it aligned and was never able to get it fixed. I went through 3 master cylinders and put new russell lines up front and speed bleeders on all corners--no luck. The car is located in Dublin near Pleasonton and San Ramon.

I took it to a shop and they couldnt get any pressure either. Pedal goes right to the floor. I have that brass distribution block and an adjustable prop valve in the rear line. I bought a brand new bistribution block but need to bend all new lines in order to get it in.

Is there a Good Brake Shop that will do this all for me? I am away at college and the car sits at home. My Dad will certainly have the car towed their. To some up I need the shop to install the new dist. block, bend new lines from the master cyl to the blcck. I was also thinking about having them change the drums in the back to disks because I put on 17's and the drums look realy bad. Any ideas? What Disk kit should I ask for?

Soon as I get the brakes done I will be able to get it tuned and painted. These brakes are really hanging me up.


Call Jerry at ABC Mustangs, 510-886-8264, 22117 Meekland Ave., Hayward, CA.

Jerry was part of the last Overhaulin on the Rustang. He has a rough looking shop (and hard to find so map it out first) but knows his Mustangs. He also is willing to work with the parts you bring in. He also doesn't like cars staying around the shop so that means he gets the work done ASAP.
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