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brakes question

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i am not that high tech on cars yet but slowly getting there (computers more my stuff but i do love my stangs) i was wondering how many power brakes systems you can put on your car? with drums or disc? do you have to get different equipment for the power brakes if you have drums or disc? then my friend was talking about brakes in the rear too! thanks a bunch!
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There are many different kits out there you can do: drum/drum,disc/drum,disc/disc. It all depends on your budget and mechanical skills/expertise. For a daily driver I personally would recommend a disc/drum combo. It will offer more stopping power and equal balance and it is probably the easiest to install and service.
I have a manual drum/drum set-up and if all NEW parts are being used(as I am) it is safe enough for the occasional driver.Also it is my choice as the power drum units cost $$$$
Whatever you decide, Good luck!

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I don't think I'd worry too much about changing the brakes in the back. Most of your stopping power (70%?) comes from the front brakes. It seems the drum-to-disc conversion in the rear is a huge expenditure for little realized gains. Also, it doesn't *look* stock as I'm sure that it was most likely not a factory option. And if you have wheel covers vs. styled steel wheels or magnum 500's, you'd never know anyway.


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in city driving i find no real difference between front disc vs. front drums, both can easily lock up the tires. Where drum brakes are really bad is at high speed. Get your car up to 100 and drum brakes just don't work.

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