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My `66 has not moved for a year and a half and when I pushed the brake pedal recently I noticed it was spongy.The fluid level was O.K. - what would you recommend to do - drain the fluid and re-bleed??I have not yet worked the brakes as part or the restoration.Thanks
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If you just want to get them going for moving the car around while working on it, just flush the lines, add some new fluid and bleed them. If you preparing to drive the car I would do as the other posts have said. It's worth the small inventment to get some new hoses, some new cylinders. When you flush the lines, make sure you pump fresh fluid through a number of times to make sure all the old fluid is out of the lines. If you have an old single master cyl you should upgrade to a dual. Small amount of money will save you big dollars later in repairs and saftey.

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