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I have a 66 inline 6 with drum brakes that i drive a few times a month and would love to enter some car shows. I am trying to decide on a quality front brake set up that wont break the bank; preferably under 1K. I already have the v8 spindles so I will convert to 5 lug while im at it. I will also eventually put some 15x7 MAGNUM 500 ALLOY WHEELS on the front so would like something to fit those too. I have looked at the Wilwood brakes and also a lot of people seem to prefer chockostang set ups. Any advice would be greatly appreciated since i am extremely new to this.

Wilwood High Performance Disc Brakes - 1966 Ford Mustang - Front Brake Kit No.: 140-13476-R
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I have the Wilwood setup in the front, they work very well :) Can't comment on the CSRP setup, but the Wilwood discs upfront combined with the SSBC discs in the rear put up with my abuse.

This is the kit I used:

1969 FORD MUSTANG Wilwood Dynalite Pro Series Front Disc Brake Kits 140-11071 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing

It's definitely overkill for your application if you're just going put put around town. DEFINITELY ditch the drums though in favor of discs, regardless of your driving style. Modern cars (and drivers) stop much faster than our old mustangs, 4 wheel drums simply don't keep up.

Summit sells the Wilwood MUCH stuff cheaper than the Wilwood website, FYI. (Here's the same kit you linked!)

Wilwood Dynalite Pro Series Front Disc Brake Kits 140-13476-R - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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