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Brighter dash lights

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I'm wanting to brighten up my stock dash lights. I was thinking of changing to LEDs. Does anyone have LED type to replace the standard bulb? Does the voltage regulator for the dash need changing for this update?
Suggestions are welcome.
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Edited: Removed info due to posting wrong bulb. Need to find right number on my invoice.

Corrected link below

I used these on my dash and the light is natural looking, similar to incandescent, with no hot spots or dark areas on the dash. To my eyes, they have the right amount of brightness and aren't overwhelming like an import. If I remember correctly they also worked in the turn signal indicators which made them just as bright as a modern car, but still look incandescent. Whatever you do use a frosted bulb like in post #3 or mine for a more natural look.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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