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Tomorrow I'll be closing a deal for my new toy-a genuine 64-1/2 coupe. I can't wait to try it out. I got a good deal from the second owner of the car. She has all the original paperwork and even the window sticker. I can't wait....I'm probably not going to get any sleep tonight.
Even though it's a U-code 170, auto, I don't care. I do have a question though, Were the headliners in the early cars interior colors, or were they white? I remember reading somewhere that the early headliners were only white,however I cannot find anything to back it up. Thanks, Bob

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Good luck with the car, Bob. What ever happened to your '66?
What color is the original interior on the U code? Sorry I can't help you, I haven't seen much on the interior headliner colors. Of course, when I did a quick search for pictures, all the 64.5's were white interior to begin with!!
Have fun, we'll have to meet up later on in the summer.
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