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brought home the 68

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Brought home the 68 coupe today. Completely surprised the boy, because he didn't know I had bought it. You should have seen the look on his face. It was priceless. He's already had the steel wool out, cleaning the wheels. This should be a fun project.


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awesome when do we get to see some pics??? One of the best memories I have from growing up is working on the stang with my father. Good luck

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We are expecting a little girl in Aug. I have a 64.5 Mustang for her in
the back yard. I can't wait.
I've had a great time working on my son's '65 project with him over the last few weeks, since we brought it home. I was a little leary of getting into this project with him, as he's never shown much of an interest in cars (my daughter helped rebuild mine, but he was never to be found *LOL*).

He's been prodding me each weekend, though, to get out and work on it (probably helps that he got his license just today). Good luck with the project, James and enjoy every minute of the the time with your son on it!

BTW, tell him congratulations from the VMF and we'll expect to see a docstang65jr posting on the forum soon *LOL*.

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Congratulations Doc!

Enjoy the ride.
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