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Well, in my quest for matching tail light sockets, I drove past this hated place in Harvey, Hey, half the cars were gone!! More victims of the high scrap prices. But I stopped.
No more fat old SOB running the place. Just some other old SOB. Asked about going to go look at the old 67 Cougar for a wiring harness. "Sure, if it has one, that'll be $35.00" Well, let me go look. "Sure. It's $2.00 for that, and sign in here" (I faked my SS#) Walked around. The first time in like 30 years. I'll list the cars and comment on them.
67 Mustang fastback, 289 2bbl c-4. Rusted off at the cowl. Total junk. Had decent (well small dented) roof rail chrome. And an unbroken rear window.
2 65/66 C'verts. one a 6, the other a 289 (NOT a hipo) Total rustouts. No consoles.
3-4 65/66 coupes. ALL total rust outs.
A 60 Starliner, 62 Galaxie 4 dr, 63 4dr, 64 Merc 2 dr with that up/down rear window, 65, 66, 67 Galaxies.
63/64 Fairlanes, one a 2 dr that must of had buckets.
2 50's Edsels.
a 64/65 Falcon 2 dr
A 71 Mustang fastback.
5-6 Corvairs.
The Biggy: A 64 GTO C'vert WITH the engine still in it.
Now. Imagine letting your car sit out side for at least 30 years
There is ABSOLUTLEY NO GOOD SHEET METAL. But, engine mounts, fuel pumps, hood hinges, various brackets are still there.
Now the kicker: This stuff is still all there because this idiot still thinks all this S*@T is all restorable. "Yeah, we just got 200 for some silly seat brackets" some 40 YO guy told me. I asked about the GTO: "oh, thats big money." I said "it's a parts car, I wouldn't pay more than 500 for it."
Well, anyway, if you feel like going there some abuse, or, dish some out: exit the tollroad (294) eastbound on 159th. Stay on 159th until you go under a long rail road viaduct. Turn right immediately after the viaduct. Go south about a half mile to Brunos. They ain't busy, but don't block the driveway.
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