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Build dates, anyone got any unusual ones?

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Just thinking about tomorrow being April Fools day and all ( reminder to be on guard), was wondering if anyone had a car built on April 1 st, or any other holiday/special day for that matter. My 67 GT has a date of 14B on its buck tag-Valentines day 1967, too bad it wasn't red or pink

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1966 Convertible 76B 289 4 speed

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Hi, nothing special here one on march 30 just had a birthday and one on april 4 they are 19,544 cars apart in 6 days they sure put out alot of mustangs in a day!!!! John

Opal frost pearl metallic 67 coupe
also have a 95 opal frost pearl G/T BOSS edition convertible belongs to swmbo
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