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I have decided not to try and resto my original build sheets (they are very fragile and would probably not survive an attempt to clean them up). However, I can read all the lettering that is on my originals so I plan to copy all the characters onto a photocopy and then carefully place them on my new (old) build sheet. The originals will remain safely stored at castle Pretentious. I purchased a couple copies of the repop build sheets from Scott Drake and they look very good (btw: there are several obvious differences between the '69 and the '70 build sheets so buy the correct one for your car).

My only question now is what type size and font are the letters on my original? I have had one individual recommend I find an IBM Selectric typewriter because there is supposedly a size/font very close to what I need. Anyone done this before?

(Note to self: Find a new Mustang forum where smart alleck answers arent offered until they are requested)
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